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At the Parents' Association of the Lycée Français International de Malaga (APA), we try to maintain a channel of communication between the school and the parents of students. In addition, we organize various activities in collaboration with the Lycée which enrich the relationship between parents, students, teachers and other school staff. Some of the functions that we develop in the APA are:

  • We make it easier for parents to participate in the official bodies that exist at the Lycée. To do this, we participate in the preparation of the lists of parents' representatives who stand for election to the various councils and committees and we coordinate the actions that are carried out throughout the year.
  • We organize and collaborate with the school in different activities for children such as carnival pancakes and Andalusian breakfast. We also develop activities for adults, such as conferences and colloquia at the Parents' School.
  • We offer parents various services, including the book exchange, the lost clothes operation or the sale of T-shirts and mugs with children's drawings.
  • We research and disseminate information on workshops and camps for children during the holidays.

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Bring your support to the actions of the APA by joining the association. The more of us there are, the better our voice will carry with the authorities of the Lycée, to improve the daily lives of our children!

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