School catering

At the French International School of Malaga, we offer a school catering service from the Petite Section to the Seconde (scholarship students in 1st and final year can also take their meals at the school restaurant).

Every day, nearly 600 meals are prepared on site, in the kitchens of our establishment. We offer a cuisine that combines French cuisine and Spanish cuisine by favoring the purchase of local products and, when possible, organic products. Our cuisine is also based on extra virgin olive oil. We offer a vegetarian menu every week and further reinforce our commitment to healthy eating by offering wholemeal bread 3 times a week. Through the meals offered, we also open our students up to multi-culturalism since we offer them the opportunity to discover, once a month, the gastronomy of another country (China, India, West Indies, etc.)

In addition, we can adapt meals for students with allergies, intolerances (except celiacs) or with specific diets (no pork, no meat).

The thermo

From 6th grade and up to 3rd grade, our students can benefit from the “Thermo” service. Families provide meals, drinks, cutlery and we provide supervisory staff and a room where students can have lunch.

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