Discover the Extracurricular activities

Many extracurricular activities are available for students from kindergarten to terminale:

  • Dancing with/without skates (in Spanish)
  • Basketball (in Spanish)
  • Break dancing (in English)
  • Capoeira (in Spanish)
  • Circus (in Spanish)
  • English Cooking course (activity taught in English)
  • Choir (in French and English)
  • Crossfit (in Spanish)
  • Football (in Spanish)
  • Sports and artistic gymnastics (in Spanish)
  • Guitar (in French)
  • Mini-basketball (in Spanish)
  • Pastry (in English)
  • Painting (in French)
  • Rowing (in English)
  • Robotics (in Spanish)
  • Skateboarding (in French)
  • Theater (in French)
  • Tennis (in Spanish)
  • Urban dance (in English)
  • Sailing (in English)

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