AEFE scholarships 2022 / 2023

(For the benefit of children of French nationality educated in an establishment of the AEFE network)

Deadlines for submitting and sending applications: from Monday 3 to Thursday 27 January (strict deadline). Don't forget to send a complete file including the completed and signed application form, the cover letter and all the documents requested. 

Families wishing to submit a first scholarship application in 2022 must imperatively register in the register of French nationals living outside France (online on the Consulate website) and apply now for a certificate of deregistration from the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales de their last place of residence in France (this document must be attached to the file).

All files are admissible at the French Consulate in Madrid directly. No files will be received by consular agencies. The form to fill out, the list of documents to provide, the procedure to follow and the information brochure are also available on the website of the Consulate General of France in Madrid.

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