The national patent diploma

The national patent diploma (or DNB) attests to the acquisition of general knowledge at the end of the College. the patent does not give access to a higher class at the end of third : the two decisions, attribution of the diploma and orientation, are dissociated.

What are the conditions for obtaining the National Diploma of Patent?

For school candidates, obtaining the national patent diploma (DNB) is linked to the mastery of the common base of knowledge, skills and culture and at thex results obtained in the tests of a final examination.

Mastery of the common base

Mastery of the common base of knowledge, skills and culture is based on the assessment of the level reached in each of the four knowledge objectives and skills in the first domain (Llanguages for thinking and communicating) and in each of the other four areas.

The eight components of the common base taken into account are therefore :

  • Understand, express themselves using the French language orally and writing
  • Understand, express themselves using a foreign language and, if necessary, a
    regional language

  • Understand, express oneself using mathematical, scientific and

  • Understand, express oneself using the languages of arts and body
  • Methods and tools for learning
  • The formation of the person and the citizen
  • Natural systems and technical systems
  • Representations of the world and human activity

These different components are evaluated according to a scale at four levels : mastery insufficient, mastery brittle, mastery satisfactory and very good mastery. the positioning on this scale is carried out over the
evaluations carried out throughout the cycle 4 by teachers.

For each of the eight components of the common base taken into account, the candidate gets :

  • 10 points for the “insufficient mastery” level,
  • 25 points for the “fragile mastery” level,
  • 40 points for the “satisfactory mastery” level,
  • 50 points for the “very good command” level.

Mastery of the common core is noted on 400 dots.

Students who have taken a education optional (Latin or German) benefit from off :

  • 10 points if cycle 4 learning objectives are achieved ;
  • 20 points if these objectives are exceeded.
Final exam papers

For school applicants, the exam includes 5 compulsory tests :

  • A oral test : each student presents a project carried out in art history or
    as part of an EPI or one of the educational paths (future path,
    educational health, course of artistic and cultural education). 100 dots

  • Four written tests :
    • French 100 dots
    • Math 100 dots
    • Storygeography and moral and civic education 50 dots
    • Physicschemistry, life and earth sciences, technology :
      2 disciplines out of 3) 50 dots

The final tests are marked in total on 400 dots. All elements taken into account for the DNB is noted on 800 dots.
Le graduateme national patent is awarded when the point total is greater than or equal to 400.

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