Educational pathways

Educational pathways at school, college and high school.

Implemented gradually since the start of the 2015 school year, the four educational pathways (Future, Health, Artistic and Cultural Education, Citizen) make it possible to follow the work of the student in these different areas throughout his schooling.

What is an educational path?

To understand the concept of course in all its dimensions, it is necessary to consider the two possible meanings of the term "course".

On the one hand, there is the course from the point of view of the establishment, that which is the subject of a program integrated into the pedagogical organization of the college or high school. This is the path we want students to take. On the other hand there is the journey from the student's point of view, the one that he actually lives in a personal way and that he gradually appropriates.

The educational path is part of a curriculum.

At school, college or high school, the curricular approach is based on the programs and on the various educational devices put in place (personalized support, exploration lessons, training periods in the workplace, etc.) At college, the common base of knowledge, skills and culture also constitutes an essential frame of reference for the implementation of journey.

The notion of educational path thus incorporates the idea of a progressive acquisition of knowledge and skills that accumulate throughout the student's progress, a journey whose main driving force must be the student himself. His accompaniment by the entire teaching team should allow him both to structure their achievements and take ownership of their own path. This appropriation can thus contribute to giving the course its individual dimension.


What are the educational pathways?

The future course

From 6th to 12th grade, the Future course allows each student to gradually build their orientation and discover the economic and professional world. To support the teams in its implementation, Eduscol offers a set of disciplinary and interdisciplinary sheets that cover middle school and high school.

The course of artistic and cultural education

From school to high school, the artistic and cultural education course aims to promote equal access for all students to art through the acquisition of a personal artistic culture. Training objectives and progress markers for the implementation of this course are set. A guide presents the principles and organization of the course for a student.

The health education pathway

From kindergarten to high school, the educational health pathway makes it possible to structure the presentation of the systems which concern both the protection of the health of pupils, the educational activities linked to the prevention of risky behavior and the educational activities implemented in lessons with reference to school curricula.

The student's civic journey

From school to high school, the civic course aims at the construction, by the student, of a moral and civic judgment, at the acquisition of a critical spirit and a culture of commitment. It is the subject of a circular, published on June 23, 2016, which specifies its main objectives as well as the methods of management and implementation.

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