Presentation of the general baccalaureate

The general baccalaureate is assessed in two ways:

  • As part of continuous assessment (40% of the final grade) taking into account the evaluation of the student's results in class during the final cycle for compulsory courses and optional courses.
  • Within the framework of the final tests (60% of the final grade) of the first group and, if necessary, of the second group (“remedial orals” or “control tests”).
Continuous monitoring

The 40% of the baccalaureate mark assess the compulsory courses that are not subject to final tests. In addition, the student can add optional courses to complete his course. These options are not subject to final tests. The marks retained for the baccalaureate are then calculated from the results obtained in class during the two years of the final cycle.

School candidates submit their annual averages, established from the quarterly or semester averages of the student in the final cycle, in the courses concerned:

  • Specialty education followed only in first class
  • History-geography, scientific education, living language A, living language B and moral and civic education (first and final year classes)
  • Optional courses: plastic arts, German, theater
  • In physical education and sports, the grade used for continuous assessment is the average of the grades obtained by the student in the certification assessments provided for in the framework of the in-training assessment (CCF).

The table of continuous monitoring coefficients is as follows:

The assessment project drawn up by the institution specifies the organizational arrangements for this ongoing monitoring. This project is brought to the attention of the student and his family. It specifies in particular the case of situations of absence of the pupil.

The final exams of the first group

The final exams include the exams taken in advance at the end of first year as well as the final exams, taken in terminale.
The anticipated tests concern the written and oral French tests for all candidates in the general route. The grades awarded for these tests are provisional until the deliberation of the jury which meets the following year as part of the examination session.

Terminal finals include:

  • The two specialty tests
  • The philosophy test
  • The final oral test, called "Grand oral"

For courses assessed by final examination, the mark used in the baccalaureate is made up of the mark obtained in this test.
The distribution table of the coefficients of the final tests is as follows:

At the end of the tests of the first group, if the candidate has obtained an average mark lower than 8/20, he is adjourned; if he has obtained an average mark of 10/20 or more, he is declared definitively admitted; if he has obtained an average mark at least equal to 8/20 and less than 10/20, he is authorized to present the oral tests of the second group.

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