INTERNAL RULES of the Lycée Français International Malaga (LFIM)

These rules of procedure are adapted from the following reference texts: circular n°2000-106 of 07/11/2000; the French education code. 

The Lycée Français International Malaga is an establishment governed by local Spanish law, which has an agreement with the AEFE and which applies the French teaching programme. It is intended for the education and training of the students entrusted to it. Like any community, it needs to operate a set of rules specifying the rights and duties of each. This set of rules is made up of the internal regulations which are binding on any person attending the establishment or working there, in particular on pupils and their parents who are civilly liable, who undertake to know and apply them. It does not replace general law enforcement. Our education service is based on specific values and principles that everyone must respect in the establishment.

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