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The kindergarten welcomes children from 3 years old, it isa single teaching cycle (small section, middle section and large section). The learning that the children achieve there is decisive, particularly in terms of language, a skill that is decisive for the subsequent success of their school careers.

The objectives of training in kindergarten

The training provided in nursery school promotes the awakening of children's personality, stimulates their linguistic, sensory, motor, cognitive and social development, develops self-esteem and that of others and contributes to their emotional development. This training aims to develop in each child the desire and the pleasure of learning in order to allow him, gradually, to become a student.

It adapts to the needs and specificities of all young students, including those with disabilities, to support their schooling. Kindergarten is the first stage in the journey for pupils to master the basic skills – reading, writing, counting and respecting others – at the end of elementary school.

The teaching cycle

Respecting the biological rhythms of young children is essential, in order to facilitate early learning.
Throughout early childhood, affects, attachment and socialization are built, the foundations for the acquisition of fundamental social skills. By reinforcing the taking into account of the affective dimension of relationships, nursery school gives children the necessary confidence to approach the rest of their schooling with serenity.

Nursery school is a school that adapts to young children and organizes specific learning methods: learning by playing, thinking, solving problems, exercising, remembering and memorizing.
It is a school where the children will learn together and live together: to understand the function of the school, to build themselves as a singular person within a group. It urges each child to have confidence in their own power to act and think, in their ability to learn and succeed.

The teaching program

It is organized into five learning areas:

  • Mobilizing language in all its dimensions
  • Acting, expressing oneself, understanding through physical activity
  • Acting, expressing oneself, understanding through artistic activities
  • Acquire the first mathematical tools
  • explore the world 

The program establishes a general definition for each area of learning. It sets out the objectives targeted and gives pedagogical indications likely to provide benchmarks for organizing the progression of learning.

From the small section, our students are immersed in a linguistic bath in French. Our teachers, specialists in language teaching, welcome students in French but are able to adapt their teaching to the languages spoken by their students. 

Each week, all the pupils of the nursery school also benefit from a teaching of 4 hours in Spanish and 2 hours in English.

Skills assessments are done at the pace of student learning, always valuing what everyone can do. Twice a year, in January and June, the learning logbook is presented to families. Below is an example of this notebook.


The kindergarten class library and its specific layout help the pupil build knowledge around writing. Even very young, the child can see and choose books that interest him. You can find all types of documents there: albums, documentaries, magazines, etc.

Students have the opportunity to borrow a book to read at home with their parents. Some books (more and more) are read aloud by an adult and children can listen to the story through a QR code stuck on the cover. This QR code makes it possible to accompany families who do not master the language of the chosen album and to enjoy a privileged moment between parent and child while developing reading skills in the youngest.
In addition, bringing home selected books is a good way to help the student develop a positive relationship with books and to inspire them to read. The library also helps the child to better target his reading tastes.

The library is also a resource space for the school, a cultural place, a crossroads for meetings, exhibitions...

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