The 2023 edition of EUROMAD (simulation of the functioning of the European institutions in Madrid) took place from April 16 to 19, 2023.

During the opening ceremony, the 270 delegates attended various introductory and welcome speeches, including that of Mr. Chuzeville, diplomat, Minister Counselor of the French Embassy in Spain.

This year, the team selected in Málaga was made up of 6 students from 1e divided into 6 different commissions, all representing Bulgaria:

  • Darine Ben Balla, delegate in the Enlargement Committee, in French.
  • Luna Nadal, delegate in the Mercosur commission, in French.
  • Alvaro Cañete, delegate in the Defense commission, bilingual French/English.
  • Marta Sarmiento, delegate in the Space commission, bilingual French/English.
  • Noam Martinez-Perret, delegate in the Agriculture Committee, in English.
  • Tina Guillaumot, delegate in the Migrations Committee, in French.

Upstream, the students carried out research and wrote general policy texts on imposed themes.

Once meeting in committee, they debated these texts with the other delegates of their committees and proposed and voted on amendments.

Finally, during the General Assembly, the various texts emanating from the various commissions were again debated, then presented to the general vote.

We would like to congratulate our students for their work and involvement.

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