Governance Seminar 2024

Strengthening Franco-Iberian and North-West Scandinavian educational links: A look back at a significant governance seminar

On March 8 and 9, the Lycée Français International de Malaga was the scene of an important event: a governance seminar bringing together 11 French educational establishments from the Iberian Europe (ZEI) and North-West Europe zones and Scandinavia (ZENOS). Under the auspices of Jean-Paul Négrel, Deputy Director General of AEFE, this meeting was an opportunity to deepen collaboration and chart new paths for educational partnership.

At the heart of the discussions, crucial themes were addressed, highlighting the importance of cooperation between management teams and management committees for initiatives such as the investment plan, establishment projects and strategies. Communication. In addition, the development of the network has been a central point, illustrating the common desire to strengthen links between establishments and optimize available resources.

The seminar began on March 8, International Women's Rights Day, with a poignant declaration from Jean-Paul Négrel, highlighting the commitments of the AEFE and the network in favor of equality between women and men and girls and boys. This position reflects the collective commitment to promoting a more inclusive and egalitarian society, demonstrating that education goes beyond the transmission of knowledge, but also constitutes a vector of fundamental values.

In conclusion, this event was a significant step in strengthening educational partnerships between the Franco-Iberian and North-West Scandinavian regions. By fostering collaboration and emphasizing values such as equality and inclusion, these institutions strive to create an environment conducive to the development and success of all students, regardless of their origin. or their kind.


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